Keeping Your Pets Flea & Tick - Free

for 4 Years

The Pet Protector Disc uses advanced technology to emit Magnetic and Scalar waves,
creating a protective shield around your pets' body and repelling all external parasites.


One of the greatest scientific discoveries in the Pet Industry


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Pet Protector Management


4-Year Flea and Tick Protection

The Pet Protector Disc is the only product in the world which repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for an entire 4-year period. It is 100% chemical-free and safe for pets, including puppies and kittens.

  • Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and all other external parasites including Australian paralysis tick
  • Chemical-free, 100% safe for animals and humans
  • Lasts up to 4 years
  • Costs 20 times less than other anti-parasite products
  • Water resistant
  • Effective on dogs and cats of any age (even newborns), any weight, including ill, convalescent and pregnant pets
  • 100% odorless
  • Produces Scalar waves and creates an impenetrable, protective shield around the animal's body
  • Officially tested and proven
  • Successfully protecting pets in 197 countries worldwide

I put Pet Protector Discs on each of our three dogs: Angel, Chipmunk and Winnie. I couldn't be happier with the results.... there are no more fleas!"
Sue Ellen Dickinson, Florida, USA

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