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  • The Greatest Scientific Discovery in the History of the Pet Care Industry
    No Fleas, No Ticks, No Chemicals
    Year Protection
    Only $73.40 USD
    (International 3-day delivery included)
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    Parasites transmit deadly diseases. Chemical anti-parasite products contain dangerous toxins.
    Pet Protector
    Advanced Scalar-wave Tehnology, 100% Natural and Safe
    ✓ Chemical-free
    ✓ Effective on animals of any age and weight
    ✓ Safe for animals and people
    ✓ Tested and proven
Already Protecting Pets in 197 Countries
4-Year Protection
Only $73.40
(International 72h Delivery Included)
Officially tested and proven
  • Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and all other external parasites including Australian paralysis tick!
  • Non toxic
  • No Chemical elements
  • Lasts up to 4 years!
  • Costs 20 times less than other anti-parasite products!
  • Water resistant
  • Completely safe with no side effects!
  • It’s effective on dogs and cats of any age (even newborns), any weight, including ill, convalescent and pregnant pets.
  • No need to wash your hands after touching it or to stop your children from playing with their pets
  • Very practical – place it on your pet and forget about parasites