About Goldstar Company


The Goldstar Company was founded in 2011. It is the only official owner to the manufacturing and distribution rights of the original anti-parasite disc – Pet Protector. The company’s founder is Steven Williams JR.

The company’s full-time staff totals 48 individuals who work in the manufacturing, logistic, finance, marketing, legal inquiries and IT departments, while the complete system of direct sales is carried out by its Affiliate Members.

Manufacturing of the Pet Protector Disc is carried out in three Manufacturing Centers, located in The United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany and the product distribution is carried out in four Logistics Centers located in The United Kingdom, Austria, Hong Kong and Serbia.

Any individual from any country in the world is able to order our product or join our company as a member and have our product delivered within 72 hours.

Who is at the top?

Our business strategy is based on the simplicity and exclusivity of the product we manufacture and sell.

In February 2012 we implemented a system to distribute Pet Protector directly and internationally through “word of mouth” – our product cannot be found in retail stores, but only or exclusively through our Affiliate Members. The reason we have chosen this business format is very simple – this is the fastest way of spreading the word about our life-saving product and enabling every single individual on the planet to have it delivered to their doorstep and placed on their pet’s collar within 3 days. Because of this we were able to help over 100,000 pets in the first six months alone.

Our goal is to show the world (because the whole world is our market) that a solution to pest control exists. Long-term, totally safe and maximally efficient.

There is no one at the top and everyone is at the top. We believe that we are a Company which creates networks of people based on the principals of trust and cooperation. Each individual is a separate link in the chain, each being equally important. We highly motivate our members to value teamwork, which eventually leads to prosperity for the entire network. We provide all of the logistical support our members could possibly need and create an environment where they can truly enjoy the fruits of their labor without limits.

Looking to the future

Our vision is one of a world where every pet on the planet has a Pet Protector Disc attached to its collar. In this vision animals are safe, happy and free from external parasites for an impressive amount of time and their owners are financially and emotionally reassured.

We want to offer people financial independence and success in business. And we will not stop until we have fulfilled all of our goals.

For now, the prognosis looks good – by the end of 2017, over 44 Million pets worldwide were protected and are now safe.

We always have room for good natured individuals, pet lovers and those with open-minded entrepreneurial spirits. So, join us!