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The Pet Protector Disc represents one of the biggest discoveries in the Pet Care Industry. It is 100% chemical-free and keeps fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away from your pet for an incredible 4-year period. Pets from all around the world have won our Contest and are now using Pet Protector with great satisfaction. Wherever in the world that you may be, you are eligible to participate! If your pet's photo wins 1st place, we'll deliver the Pet Protector Disc to your address within 3 days! Additionally, you’ll receive a voucher for a 20% discount that you can use yourself to buy an additional Pet Protector Disc or give away to another pet parent who’d like to protect their pet from fleas and ticks the best possible way. If your pet’s photo wins 2nd place, we will reward you with a 20% discount voucher for the Pet Protector Disc and if your pet’s photo wins 3rd place, we’ll reward you with a 10% discount voucher for the purchase of a Pet Protector Disc!

Your pet's health is our priority

We know how much you love your furry friends and how much you care for their well-being. It’s our great pleasure to reward you with the best prize money can buy! A prize which will preserve your pet’s heath:

• It will protect them from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for an entire 4 year period!
• It will eliminate the need to use extremely harmful chemical anti-parasite products!

To learn more about Pet Protector, please visit the ‘About Pet Protector’ page in the Main Menu.

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Upload a photo of your pet

All you need to do is to click the ‘Enter the Contest’ button, fill in the required information and upload a photo of your pet!

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After you have uploaded your pet's photo, you'll be given an option to share it on social sites or through email. The more you share, the more votes you'll collect and with each vote, your chances of winning our Contest get bigger!


Claim your prize!

If your pet's photo collects the highest number of votes by the end of the month, we'll declare it as a winning photo on our website and congratulate you via email. All you would need to do is to send us your home address and we'll deliver the Pet Protector Disc within 3 days! For 2nd and 3rd place Winners vouchers will be sent via email.


4 Year Protection

Revolutionary Scalar Wave Technology

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