Prepare your pet before using flea and tick tag

Please read through the following steps to ensure that you are using your Pet Protector Disc properly. Improper preparation of your pet and its environment can result in failure of the Pet Protector Disc to work effectively.

There are several reasons why it’s very important to treat your pet and their environment in order to eliminate all existing fleas, ticks and their larvae before attaching the Pet protector Disc.

  • 1. The Pet Protector Disc does not have the ability to eliminate existing parasites or their larvae
  • 2. The Pet Protector Disc can only repel new parasites from inhabiting your pet
  • 3. The Pet Protector Disc needs 7 to 20 days (depending on the pet’s size) to create a strong enough Scalar Wave field around your pet's whole body, protecting it from fleas and ticks successfully. During this period, while the field has not yet been fully created, there is the possibility of pests inhabiting the pet, and since the Pet Protector Disc cannot eliminate existing pests, they will continue to breed. That is why it is necessary to treat your pet and its environment with an anti-parasite product which can eliminate pests and their larvae before applying the Pet Protector Disc and also to keep your pet away from environments which may harbor pests, as much as is possible, during the 7 to 20-day activation period.

What Product to Use to Eliminate Pests on My Pet?

If you have already used an anti-parasite product to rid your pets from fleas and ticks with success in the past, and if this product has extended effectiveness for a minimum of 1 month, then use this product one last time prior to attaching the Pet Protector Disc. We also recommend bathing your pet with a natural flea shampoo product in the first month of using the Pet Protector Disc.

Note: Consult your veterinarian regarding the pest elimination product you are about to use.

What Product to Use For Cleaning the Environment?

We recommend you search the internet to find natural products used to eliminate ticks and fleas in your home and yard, one that comes highly recommended. Steps for Preparing Your Pet and their Environment and Applying the Pet Protector Disc

  • 1. Vacuum and wipe your home thoroughly
  • 2. Treat the indoor and outdoor areas of your home with a natural pest eliminating product
  • 3. Use a product of your choice to treat your pet in order to eliminate any existing ticks, fleas and their invisible larvae
  • 4. Attach the Pet Protector Disc
  • 5. Use a natural tick and flea product on your pet during the next 20 to 30 days (following the instructions on the label). This is important to do, because your pet is unprotected while the Scalar Waves are in the process of creating their protective field around your pet
  • 6. Treat the indoor and outdoor areas of your home with an appropriate natural flea and tick product during the next 20 to 30 days
  • 7. Use a natural anti-parasite products periodically, without removing the Pet Protector Disc
  • 8. Ensure that the Disc remains securely fastened to your pet’s collar at all times. Removing the disc for longer than 2 hours will cause elimination of the protective field and it will be necessary to repeat all the steps above in order to fully protect your pet again.
  • 9. Make sure to replace the Pet Protector Disc before the 4-year period is up, by attaching a new disc, wait for 7 to 20 days in order to let the new Pet Protector Disc create the protective field and then discard the old one.

We wish you many great moments with your family and your pet – free from harmful chemicals and fully protected from pests for the rest of their life.

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