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People around the world are joining Goldstar on a daily basis, because they share our vision and are passionate about helping pets live healthier lives. And, the most devoted among you have achieved great success. Whether you're a beginner or a marketing veteran, you now have an opportunity to start and grow your own Goldstar business, just like thousands of people before you. Here's what a few of them they have to say about their experience with Goldstar:

I joined Goldstar 3 days ago as a Senior Manager and got my clicks for free! I wasn't sure what to expect of this, I thought okay, the company will promote my affiliate website and maybe I'll get some leads. To my utter amazement, after only 5 clicks spent, a lady from the USA joined as a Manager! I am blown away! I have never, ever heard of any other company enrolling a paid member, with a $500 package under their distributor just like that, as a gift! Wooow! This is such a great way to support distributors and help them grow a strong team. Thank you Goldstar!"
Tanja Ekelschot, The Netherlands


I joined Goldstar when I adopted my dog Harlow. Immediately I learned that the toxic medications made her extremely ill. After an on-line search I found the Pet Protector Disc. It worked so very well that I looked at the business model. After signing up to become a Distributor I soon learned that I had found a company with integrity. Never in my career on-line or off-line have I worked with a company that supported their Distributors, listened to their Distributors in a manner even close to Goldstar. This company also is continuing to make the Pay-Plan better for all members. To my knowledge there is no other company that closes business at the end of the month, and the Distributors have their pay-checks in their bank accounts the first week of the following month. Joining Goldstar is by far the best business decision I have ever made."
Patricia Gaines, Florida


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