Never forget to protect your pet

Get year-round flea and tick prevention that lasts for 4 years and doesn’t require monthly application


Pet Protector tag

Pet Protector tag

Repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes
Suitable for dogs and cats of any size

Pet Protector Disc, fastener and instructions

Made from:
Durable, water resistant steel alloy

- Year-round protection
- Lasts up to 4 years

No chemicals or harmful pesticides

Reasons to choose Pet Protector

It’s easy to protect your pets from pests, with a Pet Protector tag that attaches to your pet's collar

Year-round protection that lasts for 4 years

No chemicals or harmful pesticides

FREE delivery to your door, within 3 days

Pet Protector Reviews

2023 Rating: 4 (145 reviews)

Product instructions

How to use and activate your Pet Protector Disc

Product instructions

How to use and activate your Pet Protector Disc

  • 1. Ensure your pet is parasite free before attaching Pet Protector
  • 2. Simply attach the Pet Protector tag to your pet's collar
  • 3. Wait for Pet Protector to fully activate. 7 days for cats & small dogs (approx 10kg) and up to 14 days for larger dogs (up to 40kg)
  • 4. Keep Pet Protector attached to your pet's collar at all times
  • Enjoy year-round, flea and tick prevention for up to 4 years


Find the answer to your questions below or find out more about how Pet Protector works

When will my order arrive?

Pet Protector will be delivered direct to your door (by UPS) within 3 working days, when purchased directly from

If your order has not arrived within 3 days, please contact us by email at

How long does it take to activate Pet Protector?

Pet Protector starts to form its protective barrier 24 hours after you attach the Pet Protector Disc to your pet's collar. It will take 7-14 days (depending on the size of your pet) to reach optimum protection that will effectively protect your pet. It takes approximately 7 days for cats & small dogs (around 10kg, 22lb) and up to 14 days for larger dogs (up to 40kg, 88lb).

What can I do to protect my pet whilst the product is activating?

You should keep your pet away from possible sources of parasites whilst the Pet Protector Disc is being activated. This is to allow time to reach its full effectiveness. If your pet becomes infested during the activation period, then parasites may acclimatize and become resistant to the Pet Protector repellent.

Does my pet need to wear Pet Protector every day?

Yes, to ensure Pet Protector provides effective protection, your pet needs to wear the Pet Protector Disc on its collar at all times. The disc is durable and waterproof.

If you do need to remove Pet Protector Disc for any reason, for longer than 1 hour, then you will need to repeat the activation process when the Disc is reattached.

How long does the Pet Protector disc last?

Pet Protector, when worn continuously, lasts for 4 years from the first day that the Pet Protector Disc is attached to the pet's collar.